David is a qualified Geologist who graduated from Monash University in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science with Honours. Widely recognised in the Victorian building industry as one of the leading geotechnical experts in the field of site and soil investigations for both residential and commercial, he is highly sought after for his investigation of distressed or cracked buildings. David is regularly consulted by other practitioners in the field to provide specific advice in more complex cases and is regularly commissioned to appear as an expert witness at Tribunal and Court hearings.  
Since 1985, David has worked continuously in the building industry in Victoria; specifically in the area of soil report preparation for residential and low rise commercial-industrial type projects and in the investigation of distressed buildings. His work mainly involves site investigation, footing recommendation and report preparation in accordance with AS 2870 2011 [Residential Slabs and Footings; Construction]. The distress reports determine the cause(s) of distress and recommend the appropriate method of rectification.

For most of his career, David's primary focus has been to assess each individual building site to identify the site conditions that are likely to affect the performance of the proposed footing system. The investigations include extracting boreholes in order to identify the soil profile, enabling a site classification and footing recommendation to be determined. During these investigations assessments are made with respect to slope stability issues. David performs site visits across metropolitan Melbourne and most of Regional Victoria. 

For the entire duration of his time in the building industry, David has personally carried out over 30,000 individual site investigations and reports for the purposes of site classification and footing recommendation. To this end, as a qualified Geologist, he has accumulated an extensively unique knowledge and understanding of soil conditions across Victoria.

Specialising in the cracked and/or distressed buildings, David often investigates buildings that have already experienced various forms of distress, with the intent to determine the direct cause(s) of the distress with a recommendation of appropriate remedial action. He has personally investigated in excess of 2,100 individual cases and as such, is one of the most experienced practitioners in this field. Notably, these types of investigations are invaluable in providing particular insight into the likely problem areas and allow him to monitor the performance of various types of footing systems. At present these types of investigations are one of the main ways of determining the suitability of the footing systems currently being adopted under Australia's building code.

Another of David's specialities is geotechnical assessments of slope stability and landslide risk in accordance with the requirements of The Australian Geomechanics Society Practice Note Guidelines for Landslide Risk Management [2007]. He has had an active role in the Foundation and Footings Society of Victoria Inc. since its inception in 1991, and is a twice-past chairman holding a position on the committee from 1992 until 2016.

David is a Registered Building Practitioner and holds the appropriate professional indemnity insurance as required by the Building Control Commission of Victoria. He is a Registered Professional Geoscientist, he is a member of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists (MAIG)


Engineering Geologist BSc (Hons), MAIG

Registered Professional Geoscientist 10159
Registered Building Practitioner EC-2215